Pets Service 2011

Saturday the 1st of October at 10.30am

at the Priory Church of St Andrew, Hamble.

St Andrew’s annual, St Francis Day, Pet Service was a great success! Much to the relief of Joan Glue, who organised and took the service, there were no major incidents from any members of the congregation. Nobody eat anybody else or left any calling cards – to the best of our knowledge!

Here are some pictures of the service and of some of those who took part:

The Service

Look into my eyes, my eyes ….

The congregation gathers.

I’m not looking at that box ever again, let alone letting you put me in it!

'Sproket' in launch mode!

Stand back I'm about to shoot off to Tescos!

Dennis without 'Darcy'

Are you sure there aren’t any Lions here – I swear I just heard one!

Pets do not often get recognised as the wonderful gift from God that they are. Their unconditional love is a reflection of that same unconditional love that God extends to us, His children, and for that love we offer this service in humble thanks.




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