Welcome ‘Bishop Tim’

The 97th Bishop of Winchester has taken his seat during a service of enthronement at Winchester Cathedral, and now begins his ministry in the diocese.

The parish of Hamble offers it’s prayers and best wishes to our new Bishop ‘The Right Reverend Timothy Dakin’. Bishop Tim as he is becoming known as  was enthroned at Winchester Cathedral on Saturday the 26th of April. The new Bishop knocked nine times on the great west door in the traditional ceremony of being granted entry to the building by the Dean of the Cathedral. Then the Chancellor of the Diocese read the Archbishop’s mandate to Bishop Tim, before the Archdeacon of Canterbury (serving as The Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative) took the new bishop by the hand and conducted him on to his throne.

In his enthronement sermon, Bishop Tim spoke of his vision to know Christ, and to live the mission of Jesus. Bishop Tim out lined three key commitments in his ministry. Firstly to ‘encourage passionate spirituality,’ secondly to ‘encourage a pioneering faith community’ and thirdly to ‘ to encourage prophetic global citizens’.

Bishop Tim has already made an impact in the parish, even though these are very early days in his tenure. First of all we received a CD of his interview with the broadcaster Debbie Thrower entitled ‘Getting To Know Bishop Tim’. This DVD presents an opportunity to see and hear from our new Bishop of Winchester, the Right revd Tim Dakin. In conversation with broadcaster, Debbie Thrower, Bishop Tim speaks of his childhood in East Africa and his work leading the Church Mission Society (CMS). He chats about family life and tells of his hopes for the future in his new role. Bishop Tim explains to Debbie – who is a Rader and Chaplain to Older People in the Hampshire town of Alton – that Jesus Christ is at the heart of his call to renew the vision of Mission at the roots of the diocese.
At around 12 minutes in length this DVD is a timely introduction to the man leading the diocese in telling the good news afresh; helping people in this part of Southern England and the Channel Islands to see the transforming power of the Gospel at work in the 21st century.

The second impact came in the form of an invitation, to the ministry team at St Andrew’s, to an informal supper with Bishop Tim at Wolvesey, his new home in Winchester. This took place in a marquee in the beautiful palace garden and was attended by ministers, clergy and their wives from all over the diocese. It was a very relaxed and informal evening during which Bishop Tim introduced himself to the gathering and outlined his mission to those assembled.

Not bad for first impressions! We can’t wait to welcome him to St Andrew’s.







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