Thank you Father John!

Father John and his wife Joyce say farewell after his last service in St. Andrews

Father John and his wife Joyce say farewell after his last service in St. Andrews

After nearlty 18 years Father John Travers has sadly retired as priest of St Andrew’s Priory Church in Hamble and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you have done! Thank you for all you have done for the local community and thank you for all you did for me over the years.

Thank you for baptising my daughters! Soon after my wife and I moved into the village one of your predecessors refused to baptise our infant children because Vera was a divorcee and we had been married in a registry office. It was a shattering experience for both of us but especially so for my wife and it took us ten years before we would set foot in the church again, and then only because we had heard good things being said about ‘the new vicar’.

Thank you for my ministry! Without your help and support there is no way I would have ever gone forward for selection, let alone endure the three years training that I found, at my time of life, so hard. Under your guidance my ministry as a ‘licensed lay minister’ has given me a whole new purpose to my life that was never there before we met and for that I will be ever grateful to you.

Thank you for your tireless energy! The quiet way you got on with the hundred and one things that are daily involved in running a parish, unsung and largely un-applauded.

Thank you for your patience! Rosemary and I must have been provocation enough to try the patience of a saint but you never raised your voice – the look of disapproval was always enough to put us in our places.

Thank you for your humanity! I have seen so many examples over the years that I have lost count. You always recognised that people are not perfect – they make mistakes. I have never seen you pronounce judgement on anyone only try and help them.

Thank you for the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land! That experience gave my faith a whole new perspective and was an eye-opener on so many levels!

Thank you for your sense of humour! Demonstrated on countless occasions.

For all that you have done in Hamble and for the St. Andrew’s church family THANK YOU!

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