Facebook Digital Bible ~ Thought and Image for the day

I can’t say I am a great fan of Facebook. I know it has become an important part of many peoples lives, especially the younger generation. My daughters and grandchildren spend hours every day communicating with and catching up with their friends, they share their lives on line.

Now I am not trying to be judgemental, for me it’s an ‘age thing’. I simply don’t understand how it works. One of the few times I tried to share something my friends and family, to my horror, I managed to share it with the whole world, so I have become an observer of Facebook rather than a contributor.

That said one of the many features of Facebook has given me many hours of peace and pleasure and I would like to share it with you now. It is called Facebook Digital Bible and you can find it at www.facebook.com/digitalbible The site provides digital images linked to a short Bible passage which I find thought provoking and a good way to share a quiet moment in a busy day with God. They also have a similar service linked to specific prayers. I have listed some of the titles below with a link through to the appropriate page. I hope you enjoy them and that they bring you peace.

Thought for the day

God’s will be done


Prayer for healing