New Waves

We live in an age of communication. Communication is the vascular system through which the life blood or our civilization now flows. We have immediate access to every conceivable source of information, instantly through the internet. Through our television screens we are not only entertained but have live access to world events, as they happen, via the array of 24 hour live ‘News Channels’. We have mobile communication systems that we like to call ‘mobile phones’ so that we are never out of touch. We can Tweet on Twitter, text, poke, blog or just call anyone anywhere in the world, twenty four hours a day! How different things were for Jesus during his ministry on earth, but what a testament to his teaching that his message has survived and prospered for two thousand years, despite the lack of any of the above which we now find impossible to communicate without!

At St Andrews we are very proud of ‘New Waves’. ‘New Waves’ is a very important part of the ‘outreach’ that our church uses to spread the ‘Good News’ of Christ’s teaching to the local community. ‘New Waves’ is delivered free of charge to every household in the parish, and through it we can communicate to the whole community, and not just to those who come to church. OK we may be some way behind the frontiers of communications technology, but with the addition of ‘New Waves’ to this blog site our outreach now extends to the outer limits of ‘cyber space’! Well done to ‘Scoop’ Jarvis our editor!

New Waves Additions available:

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