New Waves – Christmas 2011

This is the ‘electronic’ version of the magazine of the Priory Church of St Andrew the Apostle, Hamble. This version is for those living outside the parish who do not receive a free copy, or for those that have lost their original copy. My thanks to Liz (Scoop) Jarvis, New Waves editor, for her kind co-operation in making this ‘e’ version possible.

Funded by St Andrew’s and delivered free to all homes in Hamble

In this issue:

Church Services on Sundays

8.00 am         Holy Eucharist

9.50 am         Beacons (Junior Church) – meet in the Priory Centre

10.00 am       The Parish Eucharist; coffee is served afterwards

1st Sunday in the month only – in addition to the above services:

11.15 am        “The 11.15”- modern worship; coffee is served afterwards

12 noon          Holy Baptism

2nd Sunday in the month only – in addition to the above services:

6.00 pm         Choral Evensong

Church Services on Weekdays

Tuesday 7.00 pm    Holy Eucharist

Healing Service once a month on Tuesday: Tuesday 6th of December, Tuesday 3rd of January, Tuesday 7th of February and Tuesday 7th of March

Thursday 9.45 am Eucharist – informal service with hymns; coffee is served afterwards

Parish Priest :
Fr. John Travers 
The Vicarage,
High Street,
SO31 4JF
Tel/Fax              023 8045 2148      
e mail: 
Parish Readers :
 Joan Glue   Tel : 01489 788675 
David Winser Tel: 023 8045 5872      
Churchwardens :
Colin Glue Tel: 01489 788675      
Pat Stephens Tel: 023 8045 4181      

Christmas Gifts

There is so much going on in preparation for Christmas that it is quite overwhelming.  It is only when I sit for a while and gather my thoughts that I begin to see what should be my priority this Christmas.

I am not saying we should not enjoy all the festivities and fun.  But what is more important is what we are really celebrating.  It is about the fact that (as the carol says) Unto Us a Son is Born.  Into our broken world came Jesus.  He came to experience life as we do, to teach us about God and show us by example how to live our lives; and then to die for us, be raised from the dead and go before us into heaven where He awaits us with love and understanding.

So, Christmas is, in a real sense, a birthday celebration – Jesus’ birthday.

How should we celebrate?  Well, what we usually do to celebrate a birthday of someone we love is to fête them, and give them gifts.  If they matter a great deal to us then we might spend a lot of money on a large gift.

So what can we give God this Christmas?  God’s church on earth needs a lot of giving to keep it going.  It needs the gifts of people’s time and energy certainly – and many people give wonderfully in this way.  But it also needs the gift of money.  If it matters to you that we keep a living, thriving church in the heart of this beautiful village, a place to come to mark the important events of baptisms, marriages and funerals, then please find it in your heart to give a gift of money.

Even if you do not come to services, just imagine what the village would feel like with an empty or decaying church in its heart.  The regular congregation of St. Andrew’s (about a hundred people) give generously, but we cannot continue to give enough on our own to maintain this ancient building and keep it running full time.

So we have included an envelope in this issue of “New Waves” in which we are asking you to put a gift for God and His work here in our village. If you feel you can do this then please drop your gift into the Post Office on Coronation Parade or through the letterbox at the Vicarage.

Whether extra money comes in or not we will celebrate Jesus’ birthday. There will be the wonderful Christmas services when our church is full of children, families, the lonely, the elderly – all coming together to thank God for His love in sending Jesus to us.  But for how many more years this will continue is questionable if we cannot raise more funds.

I have already decided that the first gift I shall wrap this year is the envelope with a cheque in it for God’s work in Hamble.  Please do the same if you can.  And, if you do not usually come to church, please give it a try and come along this Christmas – we all had to come through the door for the first time – you will be most welcome.

Joan Glue

Parish Reader


The Place 2 B

On the last Saturday in September The Place 2 B held a Macmillan Coffee Morning, which included a raffle and book stall, raising a total of £335.    


Pets Service

The congregation after the service

St. Andrew’s annual St. Francis Day Pets Service was a great success!

Much to the relief of Joan Glue, who organised and took the service, there were no major incidents from any members of the congregation.  Nobody eat anybody else or left any calling cards – to the best of our knowledge!

Harvest Festival

Gifts of dried and tinned foods generously offered to deck the church to celebrate Harvest were passed on to help those in need in Southampton through the Two Saints Charity.

Harvest Lunch


On Sunday 9th October, following the Harvest Festival Service, 60 people enjoyed the Harvest Lunch in the Priory Centre.

The hall and tables were beautifully decorated with lovely autumnal colours and, as people congregated for a welcome drink, there was lively chatter and many compliments about the decorations.

Everyone enjoyed a three course meal of delicious homemade vegetable soup, cold meat and salad and, of course, the traditional and much loved apple pie.  The lunch was prepared by a willing band of helpers, with Steve Molineaux at the helm.  Steve has become a very welcome member of the various events in the Church.  He and his wife, Linda, worked very hard to make the day pleasurable for everyone.  We are so glad they have joined us.

There was a quiz to test everyone and pit their wits and a raffle, the proceeds of which went, as part of the St. Andrew’s Harvest tradition, to the Two Saints Charity in Southampton.

It was a very warm and friendly event and if you missed it this year, book early for next year to avoid disappointment!

Congratulations to Sally

Congratulations to Sally Grainge, one of our chalice assistants and servers, upon gaining British Citizenship.

Sally and her daughter Savannah









Sally originally comes from Cameroon and French is her first language.  She has adapted well to British society and has been welcomed by all at St. Andrew’s Church.  The ceremony to admit Sally formally to this country took place in Southampton and was attended by the Mayor.  There were 25 people admitted on that day from various countries around the world.  Sally’s husband and friends also attended, including Fr. John.  It was a memorable occasion and means that she now has dual citizenship from her original country and from Britain.  A small party was held in the Priory Centre for Sally the Sunday after her admission.

Black Tie Dinner

Posh Frocks, really elegant dresses, together with smart suits were the order of the day when the Friends of St. Andrew’s held their most recent Black Tie Dinner.

The tables were adorned with beautiful flowers, cutlery set immaculately by the staff and a superb meal enjoyed by all the guests.  The event was a sell out!

We were entertained by ‘Blow’ a saxophone quartet who played varied music all night.  The lights were dimmed, candles lit and the wine flowed all night.

Upon looking around the Priory Centre one could see happy contented people who were out to enjoy themselves in a lovely venue with a great atmosphere. People enjoyed dressing up for the occasion and the call “Can we have another dinner like this next year?“ was heard from many people.

It will certainly be a night to be remembered and hopefully repeated in 2012.  Our thanks go to the chef, Steve Molineaux  and his team together will all helpers from the ‘Friends’ group.

It was a superb night.

Fireworks Party

Around 38 people and 15 children of all ages enjoyed fun and games and fireworks at a church family get together on Saturday 5th November.






Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, the bonfire could not be lit, but the fireworks were greeted with lots of “oohs” and “aahs”.





After a spectacular finale everyone went into the Priory Centre where a choice of three different soups and hotdogs dealt with any pangs of hunger on a damp evening.

The children, with some adults, then enjoyed sparklers in the Cloisters whilst most adults enjoyed a glass of wine and a fun quiz.

It was a very enjoyable and relaxed evening.

Christmas Shoeboxes

Thank you to all who so generously helped send 236 filled shoeboxes from Hamble through the Rotary International Shoebox Scheme to children in Albania, Montenegro, Tanzania and Romania.  The shoeboxes are now on their way to arrive in time for Christmas.

£168.40 was received towards transport costs.

Four Years is a Long Time

23rd October, 2007 is a date that will be in my mind for the rest of my life, as it is four years ago that we said goodbye to Valerie, and my reason for writing this is to explain what effect her passing has made to me and Elaine, my daughter.

As you will no doubt remember, Colin, my son, passed away on the 2nd January 2009.  It shocked us all and set us back, he had taken over as the “leader” in our family, and his passing has been rather traumatic.

When Valerie passed away I decided I would take her place in St. Andrew’s.  I did know a good many of the congregation and was encouraged by Father John not to stay at home doing nothing!  “There are many friends at St. Andrew’s, so come and meet us.”

I took him at his word and the first Sunday I appeared I was set upon by Heather and Terry Smith, who told me, “You will sit here and we will look after you”!!!  I did know Mary and Albert, Heather’s mother and father, and it was very pleasant to be met and welcomed into the church family.  In fact that has been the situation for the last four years.  Most people knew Valerie, and I have been made very welcome, and I do appreciate all your help in this.

The strange thing is that there have been a number of lovely people who have passed away, and I have been able to draw on my experience, and help people who have lost a dear one.

My life still carries on.  I must admit that age never stops and I find I am not able to be as active as I was.  In the early days following Valerie’s passing, I found I could not carry out the mundane tasks in the home, but, after sitting down and thinking it through, managed to reach a conclusion.

When I visit the churchyard each week I visit the graves where Valerie’s and Colin’s ashes are laid and I tell Colin how Southampton F.C. have got on, and in the summer let him know how Sarisbury Athletic Cricket Club is progressing in the season.  I have the pleasure to be the President of the Club and both Colin and I played for the club in previous years.

I think I have grown used to the fact that I am on my own (except for the T.V.!!)  The one thing that I do miss is the subjects that Valerie and I would discuss.  Still, I am very grateful for all the friendship I have received at St. Andrew’s.  The players and supporters at the cricket consider that, with two of the older members of the club, the three of us are similar to the “Angry Old Men”.

It was fortunate that Julie Jones was helping Valerie with church and wedding flowers and was able to take over the complete task of making our church bright and cheerful with flowers.  I am sure Valerie would approve with all that is done.

It is a strange situation being left on my own.  I am grateful for my daughter, Elaine.  She is only a phone call away, so keeps me in check.

I hope these words explain how I feel.  Many thanks for all your friendships.

Brian Knapp

Priory Centre News

Hamble Priory Centre has been for many years a great asset to Hamble in that it is a venue that can be used for many occasions including Wedding Receptions, Meetings and Parties.  The Trustees of the Centre are always striving to improve the building to make it more accessible to everyone.  This year new disabled facilities have been created at the back of the building.  They are special ramps for the use of wheelchairs.

This project was funded through a grant from Esso, the petroleum giant.

Work in progress







The finished ramp







A whole new heating system has recently been installed so making sure that the building is kept dry and warm for the winter. This has greatly improved the appearance of the building and has been welcomed by all who use it.

From this ......

to this!







This project was made possible by grants from the Cooperative Society, Hampshire County Council and British Petroleum.

The building has recently been re-decorated and together with it’s bar facilities and extended space is a good venue for hiring for any occasion. If you wish to book an event at any time, do ring 02380452148. The web address, so that you can see what is offered, is

Local Author, “Local” Ship – Book Launch

The fabulous weather on Saturday, 1st October – amazingly hot and sunny – could not have been more appreciated as we gathered aboard SS Shieldhall at Dock Gate 4, for the launch of “The Master’s Tale”, the latest novel penned by our own Hamble parishioner, Ann Victoria Roberts.  Tables and chairs out on deck certainly helped the crush in the saloon, where a buffet lunch was served to more than 80 guests.  The book has been dedicated to the volunteers who work the steamship “Shieldhall”, whose own fascinating story is told at

Captain Peter Roberts welcomed everybody aboard and then Ann told us about the inspiration behind the book.

Hidden for decades in the Southampton Pilots’ Office, the Dock Master’s Log Book showed entries for late March and early April 1912 that were indicative of great pressure being brought to bear on Captain Smith – and this before Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage.  Ann had travelled widely with her husband when he was working at sea so, understanding the stresses often brought to bear on ship-masters, she felt that it was time to take up the banner for Captain Smith, and tell his story.

We were then entertained by a reading from “The Master’s Tale”, relating the incident which set the whole Titanic tragedy in motion.  This was followed by the opportunity to have a book signed by the author herself.

So gripped was I that I sat up until 1.30 in the morning with my copy, just to finish this wonderful but tragic story – so atmospheric, the feeling of impending doom building throughout, the descriptions so vivid I was almost there.  I loved Ann’s vision of Captain Smith (backed up by some recently unearthed and well researched facts).  Her descriptions of life on the high seas – and on land – at that time, brought to life the magnificence of the great old liners.

With Captain Smith’s life so beautifully and imaginatively written about, how I wished the  story could have had a different ending!

Sally Schofield

Teddy Bear Parachute Jump – A Bear’s Point of View

My name is Ginger and I am a twenty year old Teddy Bear supposedly much loved by the people that I live with in Hamble.  On Sunday 2nd October I was subjected to the most appalling abuse that a bear could possibly experience.  I was transported to St. Andrew’s Church in a plastic carrier bag and left in the vestry by my keeper while she took part in the church service.  Shortly afterwards, much to my relief, I was removed from the bag and taken out into the sunshine.

I was joined by several other cuddly toys and we all started to chat while all the owners stood around looking up at the church tower and pointing at three men at the top who appeared to be discussing the best way to climb down the tower.  Suddenly a wicker shopping basket tied to a rope was produced and, without warning, I and some of the other toys were fitted with small harnesses attached to small coloured pieces of silk.  The next moment a shark, a dinosaur and I were unceremoniously placed in the basket and hauled up the tower.  At the top we were taken from the basket and after some discussion by the three men about wind (there was plenty, I can tell you) we were hurled from the tower, I thought to almost certain death.

However, suddenly I started to float towards the people on the ground, most of whom were cheering and screaming like a crowd of demented “X Factor” fans.  After a slightly bumpy landing I was placed in the basket again to repeat the experience much to the delight of the large crowd that had now gathered in the churchyard.

Meanwhile all the owners were tucking into what was supposed to be a teddy bears’ picnic. Some teddy bears’ picnic that turned out to be!  There was no honey or salmon

and the bears and other animals had nothing to eat at all! The dinosaur was ravenous and the tortoise was reduced to munching some grass around a gravestone.

After several more trips up the tower and returning to earth by parachute the owners seemed to tire of their fun and started to discuss doing the same show next year.  They must be joking!  I have bruises all over.  The shark says he will refuse to jump again unless he can land in a bath full of water and the dinosaur wants to use his wings to glide down and frighten all the humans on the ground.

I have already contacted the RSPCCT (royal society for the prevention of cruelty to cuddly toys) and the local branch rep, Teddy Roosevelt, has told me that we all should have had health and safety training before being allowed to jump.

Ginger Stephens  


From the Church Registers


We welcome into the family of the church

Emma Jane Noon, Freya Witt, Esme Brown, Katie Hodge, Freya Smith, Lillian Hart,

Chloe Bartholomew     Oliver Shove


Congratulations to

                       Philip Gruar & Michelle Jenkinson                Peter Tanner & Christene Allman
Andrew Forbes & Marianne Masters            Simon Hitchcock & Lisa Dixon
Ian Finlay & Gabriella Holtedahl

 Renewal of Wedding Vows

Christopher & Sarah Noon

Rest in Peace

We offer our sympathy to the family and friends of

David Mallett, Gladys Taylor, Michael Penney, Marjorie Walton


What’s on?

Sunday 4th 11.30 am The 11.15 with Baptism Service
Tuesday 6th 7 pm Healing Service
Wednesday 7th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs; 7 pm Christmas Dinner at RAFYC
Saturday 10th 10 am – 12 noon The Place 2 B ; 7.30 pm West End Singers
Sunday 11th 6 pm Choral Evensong
Tuesday 13th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café
Wednesday 14th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Sunday 18th 6 pm Christmas Celebration
Wednesday 21st 2 pm Cherubs Christmas Party
Saturday 24th 4 pm Crib Service; 6 pm Carols in the Square;11.30 pm Procession, Blessing of the Crib and Solemn Midnight Mass of the Nativity
Sunday 25th 10.30 am Christmas Family Eucharist; Christmas Day Lunch
Sunday 1st 11.30 am The 11.15 with Baptism Service
Tuesday 3rd 7 pm Healing Service
Wednesday 4th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Sunday 8th 6 pm Choral Evensong
Tuesday 10th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café
Wednesday 11th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Friday 13th 7.30 pm Burns Night
Wednesday18th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Tuesday 24th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café
Wednesday 25th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Saturday 28th 10 am – 12 noon The Place 2 B
Wednesday 1st 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Sunday 5th 11.30 am The 11.15 with Baptism Service
Tuesday 7th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café7 pm Healing Service
Wednesday 8th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs
Sunday 12th 6 pm Choral Evensong


Who do I contact?

St. Andrew’s Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Annette de Bary Music 023 8045 8452
Colin Glue Churchwarden 023 8045 7053
Joan Glue Parish Reader 023 8045 7053
Helen Griffiths Music; PCC Vice Chairman;Deanery Synod Rep 023 8045 8452
Arthur Haines-Ray Assistant Churchwarden;Funeral Verger 023 8045 3553
Jeff Law Treasurer 023 8045 4299
Fiona Lidstone Children’s Representative 023 8045 4431
Pat Stephens Churchwarden; Assistant Sacristan 023 8045 4181
Thomas Taylor 023 8045 8347
Fr John Travers Baptisms; Weddings; Funerals;Priory Centre 023 8045 2148
David Winser Parish Reader, Sacristan 023 8045 5872
 Other contacts
Pat Gillman Magazine distribution 023 8045 2422
Richard and Hilary Hardy Electoral roll 023 8045 3676
Grant Hearn Friends of St Andrew’s 023 8045 6265
Brian Howlett Health and safety 023 9283 2740
Kim Quayle Beacons 023 8056 2193
Heather and Terry Smith Wedding Vergers 023 8045 2988
Helen Taylor Cherubs 023 8045 8347

“New Waves” Magazine Editor: Liz Jarvis

17 Walker Place, Hamble, S031 4BL Tel 023 8045 2726


Please send all contributions to The Editor.

For advertising enquiries please contact Roy Pharoah,

Tel: 023 8056 1195   Email:

 Deadline for Lent edition: Sunday 1st January  












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