New Waves – Easter 2011

This is the ‘electronic’ version of the magazine of the Priory Church of St Andrew the Apostle, Hamble. This version is for those living outside the parish who do not receive a free copy, or for those that have lost their original copy. My thanks to Liz (Scoop) Jarvis, New Waves editor, for her kind co-operation in making this ‘e’ version possible.

In this issue:

  • Special Services for Holy Week and Easter
  • A voice from the Vestry
  • News
  • Fellowship Coffee Morning
  • High Praise Indeed
  • History Book
  • Songs from the Shows
  • Woodhill Schools’ Concert
  • Le French Connection!!!
  • St Andrews Summer Fete
  • My Lenten Disaster
  • At times it seems that our world is running out of control
  • Friends remember Kate Langton
  • Hamble Needlecraft Circle
  • What’s on?
  • Who do I contact?

Special Services for Holy Week and Easter

Palm Sunday, 17th April

8.00 am           Holy Eucharist

10 am              The Parish Eucharist

11.15 am         Procession

Meet at the church after the service and join the procession around the village led by

a donkey.  Carrying palms and singing hymns, we re-enact Jesus’ triumphal entry into

Jerusalem at the beginning of the last week of his life on earth.

(Weather permitting)

Maundy Thursday, 21st April

9.45 am           Family Eucharist

7.00 pm           Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper with Traditional Foot Washing Ceremony

8.30 – 10 pm   Vigil Watch at the Altar of Repose

Celebration of the Last Supper, when Jesus gave the first Eucharist and washed His disciples’ feet; 12 volunteers have their feet washed by the priest at this service.  The “Vigil Watch” in the Lady Chapel, where the altar is beautifully dressed with flowers and candles, follows the Eucharist.  Stay for as long as you wish.  Join in meditations, remembering how Jesus spent the night before his crucifixion in the Garden of Gethsemane.


Good Friday, 22nd April

11.00 am         Stations of the Cross

Around the walls of the church are pictures depicting how Jesus carried his cross to Golgotha where he was crucified.  We move around the church in a group, pausing at each of these pictures for prayers, readings and singing.  We are reminded of the appalling cruelty of the crucifixion and the extent of the suffering that Jesus went through for us.


12 – 4.00 pm Children’s Easter Workshop


2.30 pm           Celebaration of the Lord’s Passion

Veneration of the Cross and Holy Eucharist with Music

At this, the most solemn and moving service of the year, we commemorate in words and music the suffering and death of Jesus.  Those who wish, kiss the wooden cross, the sign of God’s love that won life for the world.


Holy Saturday,  23rd April

7.00 pm           Easter Vigil and Service of Light

Starting with a fire outside the church – the new flames are blessed and from them comes the light for the Easter Candle, symbolising Christ who dispels the darkness of the night.  In a representative “vigil” at the Lord’s tomb, we listen to Bible readings, renew our baptismal vows and then joyfully celebrate the first Eucharist of Easter.


Easter Day, Sunday 24th April

8.00 am           Holy Eucharist

10.00 am         The Mass of the Resurrection

The celebration continues with glorious Easter hymns.  If you have re-lived the death and burial of Jesus over the preceding days at these special services, you will experience the true meaning of Easter.


A Voice from the Vestry

Many people complain that the true meaning of Christian events, such as Christmas and Easter, has been lost.  We are bombarded with adverts on the TV, in magazines and newspapers promoting the latest gadgets.  How many of us fall into the trap where we feel we must buy because the adverts tell us to.  This year Mother’s Day falls on 3rd April, when I was a child you only tended to buy your Mum a card.  Now you should buy a card and flowers.  According to Flowers & Plants Association, UK sales of cut flowers and indoor plants increases by an average of 40% on a normal day’s trading – and of course you pay far more for those flowers and plants!  Perhaps we should buy Mum some chocolates too – apparently around £55 million is spent on chocolates.  Let’s not forget the card, according to the British Retail Consortium around £45 million is spent on Mother’s Day cards, with around 30 million cards sent.  Perhaps we ought to take Mum out for lunch too – the list goes on.

On the subject of cards, you can even buy cards to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on 17th March.  Certainly didn’t see those cards when I was a child.

It seemed to me that as soon as Christmas was over, we not only had the January Sales but, if you turned into the next aisle of a certain supermarket you could buy Easter Eggs and even Easter Bunnies (apparently 90 million chocolate bunnies are made each year for Easter).  A survey has even been carried out telling us that 76% of people eat the ears of a chocolate Easter bunny first before any other part!

Is this the only way we can enjoy life, the only way to have fun?  A lady I know has told her family to stop buying her Christmas presents, instead, to give the money they would have spent to a charity of her choice.  She feels that she has everything in her life that she could possibly need.  Her family insisted she had to have something – they couldn’t not buy her anything.  She eventually gave in and told them to buy her a small box of Turkish Delight, but insisted that any other monies went to her chosen charity.  Her family eventually went along with her wishes; and have done so for a number of years now.  If you ask the lady concerned if she had a good Christmas she would say “yes, I had a wonderful time”.  She was content to spend Christmas with her family, her box of Turkish Delight and her faith.  Yes, this lady is a regular church goer; a Christian.  She is involved in many fund raising events at her church; something she enjoys.  She certainly isn’t interested in what she will get for Christmas or Easter; she is more interested in what she can give.

Christians are often portrayed as being “sticks in the mud”, or people who want to suck the fun and happiness out of life.  However, biblical Christianity says the opposite – that God is the one who created fun, a sense of humour, a sense of adventure.

Just look around at St Andrew’s congregation, how much is given in time by many people – and the pleasure they have in doing this.  Think of the “social events” held throughout the year and how much these are enjoyed.  I think we can safely say we know how to have fun (even if we don’t all have the latest gadgets such as 3D TVs, IPods, Kindles etc).


Fellowship Coffee Morning

After the service on 24th February St. Andrew’s Thursday Fellowship held a coffee morning in aid of the Two Saints’ Charity, which helps homeless people in Southampton, and raised £96.

Many thanks go to anyone who helped either by organising or attending the event.

High Praise Indeed

On 8th March St. Andrew’s Café had a surprise hygiene inspection by the Environmental Health Service of Eastleigh Borough Council.
The inspector’s report reads as follows:-

‘The purpose of my visit today was to carry out a full food hygiene inspection. I was very pleased with the standard I

observed. Well done.
You will be a score of 5 on the Scores on Doors National rating schemes.’

‘5’ is the highest possible score and this is a tremendous compliment to Joan Marshall and her team in the Café kitchen. I offer them my warmest congratulations.

David Wilkinson

History Book

In 2003 1,000 copies of ‘A Short History and Guide to the Priory Church of St. Andrew the Apostle’ were printed and now we have had to have a REPRINT!

We have taken the opportunity to bring the History Book up to date and my grateful thanks go to Annette de Bary and Bert Allwood for helping me achieve this.

The cost remains the same – £1.00.  The booklets can be found in church, or ask a church member to buy a copy on your behalf, or contact me.

Judy Waghorn

01489 782795

Songs from the Shows

Some years ago – at least according to the radio – many homes would declare Friday Night was Music Night!  It would not be overstating the case to say this tradition was readily upheld at The Priory Centre of St Andrews on Friday 4th March 2011.  However, the listeners were not required to resolve such domestic conflicts as supper preparation or listening and singing along to the live music. The Priory Centre – now a flower adorned restaurant – readily provided waiter and waitress catering for groups of 6 or 8 guests.  Supper was served as the live entertainment and bar facilities offered as eclectic a range of choices as possible. 

Pat Jenkins – Soprano vocalist -accompanied by John Reynolds, was the principle artiste and provided different ensembles from such shows as South Pacific, My Fair Lady, The King and I, Cats and Les Misérables. This was further enhanced as Vicki Miles suggested ‘We’ll Meet Again’ whilst we ‘Climb Every Mountain’ to pick what ‘Edelweiss’ was ecologically acceptable.  Kathy Cole thereafter declared ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ with the slightly rhetorical retort of ‘The Worst Thing I Could Do’ from Grease.

Closure was achieved with some gusto as Vicki and Kathy, unflustered by the enthusiasm of the diners, whose voices were not readily subdued, were accompanied on piano accordions by the dynamic, charismatic and suave duo of Father John Travers and David Carney.

The revellers duly departed happily, watered and fed, with raffle prizes and table decorations to the fore, into the night air of Hamble, Eastleigh and beyond woefully aware that Friday night had indeed been some music night!

Grant E. Hearn

Chairman of the Friends

Woodhill Schools’ Concert Choir comes to St Andrew’s

The venue for this delightful concert was the church itself. The cleared chancel accommodated the 53 young and enthusiastic singers from the Chandlers Ford and Botley based schools.  School uniform clearly indicating membership of a worthwhile and talented team generously supplied with many soloists.  Father John Travers welcomed the choir and their entourage of dedicated parents and siblings on the dot, at 7 pm, into a well filled church.


The programme was split into four distinct quarters. The first half of the programme addressed children’s hymns (songs) and songs from the shows.  ’Little Shoppa Horrors’ and ‘Hungry Hungry’ at the start and end of the second quarter were new to me and readily brought a smile.

After a half hour interlude – with drinks and canapés served in the Priory Centre – all were assembled again for some of the children’s favourites with ‘Roller Ghoster’ and ‘Ocean Commotion’ again introducing something different and very acceptable. The final quarter consisted of popular songs with the Zulu song ‘Thina Sonke’ again introducing a wonderfully rhythmic tune, with a soloist clearly articulating the Zulu language.  The closing song was ‘Believe’.  The words are very inspiring and I thought encouraging self-belief, but not arrogance, for without inner strength any challenges our lives might present can become daunting.

Mrs M. Dacombe and her son, the headmaster Mr D. Dacombe, are thanked for facilitating a very delightful musical evening that was equally enjoyable for the choir, their leader Deputy Head Mrs Dawn Vickers, their organist Mrs Kelly and her music assistant Mrs Criswick and the church body of 130 listeners.  Well done and we look forward to your next visit.

Grant E. Hearn

Chairman of the Friends

Le French Connection!!!

Events at Thiron-Gardais in France are now beginning to take shape.  On Palm Sunday there will be the first of the events organised by l’Association de l’Ordre de Tiron to widen the information in the proceedings leading up to a grand occasion at Pentecost in 2014.

On the 19th June 2011, which is Trinity Sunday, an outstanding occasion will be held at Thiron-Gardais with a procession and various outside activities.

A trip to this ceremony is being organised.  The accommodation could be ‘en famille’ as when we visited before or, perhaps, a four day holiday staying in an hotel.  If you are interested in joining me for this visit around 19th June 2011, please contact me on 02380 452851.

Bert Allwood

Vice President

L’Association  de l’Ordre de Tiron

St Andrew’s Summer Fete Saturday 11th June 2011

To all those gardeners who contribute plants for the Plant Stall

This is a reminder to get busy now that spring is very much with us.  The Fete is two months away, which gives us time to get contributions growing and in their prime for June.  Please provide as much information as possible with your contributions including species, variety and growing conditions if you have them available.  If you are bringing flowering plants that are yet to bloom, an open bloom from your own garden, if you have one, as a sample would be a great help.  We need your contributions to make this stall successful.

Paul Lancaster

023 8045 3958

When spring cleaning please remember that we shall have stalls for good quality bric-a-brac; glass; china; books and toys.  However, we do not accept electrical goods (unless new) or knives.

Please keep until the day of the Fete as we have little storage space.


Judy Waghorn

01489 782795

My Lenten Disaster

The beginning of Lent is always important as we prepare for the run up to Easter.  The St Andrew’s Café prepared pancakes for the Shrove Tuesday lunch and the Ash Wednesday service saw us receiving the ashes of our burnt palm crosses.  All was well as we prepared for our Lenten sacrifices.

On the first Sunday in Lent baby Penelope came to church with her family to be baptised within the family of St. Andrew’s – a delightful and welcoming service.  Father John’s sermon was on the theme of Temptation – we were on the right track.

The after mass coffee was well supported as we celebrated the baptism of Penelope.  Alas, my sacrifices for Lent went out of the window as before us was a wonderful array of delightful homemade cakes made by Penelope’s family.  All was lost as temptation for a slice of cake could not escape me.  I was sunk as such a spread was all too easy to succumb to with such delights.

As I re-adjust my programme of sacrifices for Lent, Forgiveness must be high on the agenda for Father John’s next sermon.

Bert Allwood

At times it seems that our world is running out of control

Old established values that we have traditionally held, and lived by, are increasingly being threatened – often from the most unexpected and surprising quarters.  International relations on the world stage are deteriorating on increasingly wider fronts, with potential threats to what passes for world peace, whilst here at home we are bombarded with daily reports of unequal and uneven treatment within our society, with disgraceful and outrageous judgements being levied upon people attempting to live by decent standards, whilst those least deserving appear pandered to and molly coddled.

Particular rulings from within our judiciary recently have almost unbelievably flown in the face of decent belief, and in some cases have even singled out Christian beliefs as allegedly unimportant and irrelevant in comparison to secular concerns in our “modern” society.

All this could be at best depressing and at worst frightening, were it not for the fact that it has all happened before.  When looking back at life’s behavioural patterns.  Many things rise and fall in cycles.

It is very important not to let ourselves be overcome by gloom, or indeed sink into an artificial haven of compartmentalism.  We need to take on board positively what we are taught in our church, and our Bible, and endeavour to maintain and develop our own behaviour, attitudes and efforts to enact and achieve God’s will, in these superficially negative times, particularly in relation to those around us and perhaps, even, to our own benefit.

From the Church Registers


We welcome into the family of the church

Penelope Alexandra Childs                                     Elisabeth Roy


Congratulations to

Lawrence Costa & Claire-Louise Collins

Rest in Peace

We offer our sympathy to the family and friends of

Alexanderina Cross











Friends remember Kate Langton

Kate Langton was very well known in Hamble for her work in the Village and at St. Andrew’s Church where she looked after the rockery amongst other things.  She liked to care for dogs, walking them when their owners could not.

Although Kate had a sad family life and her daughter, who was severely injured, lives in Canada, she had a lot of friends and these friends regularly visited her in the nursing home, where she spent her later years, and helped with the funeral arrangements, when she died.

Bill Mintram

Hamble Needlecraft Circle

Hamble Needlecraft Circle meet every Thursday afternoon between 1.30 and 3.30 pm in the Priory Centre of St. Andrew’s Church in Hamble.

We work on our own designs, and sometimes we work together on group projects for the church or to raise funds for charities.

The Hamble Needlecraft Circle with three altar kneelers sponsored by BP Hamble

Currently we are working on two needlepoint projects for the church; knitting and crocheting clothes and blankets for the Special Care Baby Unit at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton, and we are also making a friendship quilt to raise funds for charity.  Members decide what they wish to do, and they do it at their own pace.  We meet so that we can help one another with techniques, and we also enjoy chatting and drinking endless cups of tea.  If you are interested why not pop in on Thursday afternoon to see what is going on and perhaps to join us?

Visitors are always welcome.

What’s on?

Sunday 17th 11.15 am Palm Sunday Procession; 6 pm Choral Evensong 4; 9
Tuesday 19th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café 5
Thursday 21st 7 pm Maundy Thursday Eucharist 2
Friday 22nd 11 am Stations of the Cross; 12 – 4 pm Children’s Easter Workshop; 2.30 pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 2; 6 


Saturday 23rd 7 pm Easter Vigil and Service of Light 2
Sunday 24th 10 am Mass of the Resurrection 2
Wednesday 27th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Saturday 30th 10 am – 12 noon The Place 2 B 15
Sunday 1st 11.15 Service 12
Tuesday 3rd 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café; 

7 pm Healing Sevice


Wednesday 4th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Sunday 8th 6 pm Choral Evensong 9
Wednesday 11th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Saturday 14th 10 am – 12 noon The Place 2 B 15
Tuesday 17th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café 5
Wednesday 18th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Wednesday 25th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Saturday 28th 10 am – 12 noon The Place 2 B 15
Tuesday 31st 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café 5
Wednesday 1st 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Sunday 5th 11.15 Service 12
Tuesday 7th 7 pm Healing Service 23
Wednesday 8th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Saturday 11th 2 pm – 4 pm Summer Fete 11; 15
Sunday 12th 6 pm Choral Evensong 9
Tuesday 14th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café 5
Wednesday 15th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Wednesday 22nd 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19
Saturday 25th 10 am – 12 noon The Place 2 B 15
Sunday 26th 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm Jazz Lunch 19
Tuesday 28th 10.30 am – 12.45 pm St Andrew’s Café 5
Wednesday 29th 2 pm – 3 pm Cherubs 19

Who do I contact?

St Andrew’s Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Annette de Bary Music 023 8045 8452
Colin Glue Churchwarden 01489 788675
Joan Glue Parish Reader 01489 788675
Helen Griffiths Music; PCC Vice Chairman; 

Deanery Synod Rep

023 8045 8452
Arthur Haines-Ray Assistant Churchwarden; 

Funeral Verger

023 8045 3553
Dennis Dunn PCC Secretary 023 8040 4067
Jeff Law Treasurer 023 8045 4299
Pat Stephens Churchwarden; Assistant Sacristan 023 8045 4181
Thomas Taylor 023 8045 8347
Fr John Travers Baptisms; Weddings; Funerals; 

Priory Centre

023 8045 2148
David Winser Parish Reader, Sacristan 023 8045 5872

Other contacts

Pat Gillman Magazine distribution 023 8045 2422
Richard and Hilary Hardy Electoral roll 023 8045 3676
Grant Hearn Friends of St Andrew’s 023 8045 6265
Brian Howlett Health and safety 023 9283 2740
Kim Quayle Beacons 023 8056 2193
Heather and Terry Smith Wedding Vergers 023 8045 2988
Helen Taylor Cherubs 023 8045 8347

“New Waves” Magazine Editor : Liz Jarvis,

E mail:

Please send all contributions to The Editor.

For advertising enquiries please contact Roy Pharoah,

Tel 023 80561195

Deadline for Summer edition : Sunday 22nd May

Views expressed in articles submitted for publication do not necessarily represent the views of the Editor or the PCC.


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